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I bought more stocks on Monday. I got 11 shares in Boyd Gaming Corp (BYD). They run a bunch of casinos and stuff. I bought at $49.05/share and plan on selling at $60.76/share. Unless it gains reaches that price within two weeks, then I'll hold it to see how much more I can get. Today (Tuesday) it closed at $50.80 with a high price for the day above $52. And volume is good. Looks promising so far. I'm thinking I picked another good one, and that might have a lot better potential than the first stock. I'm still tracking the first stock, just to see what would have happened if I had kept if for the full 8 weeks. So far it hasn't recovered anywhere near what I sold it at.

Investors Business Daily really makes things easy. They do all the hard research for you and all you really need to do is look at charts to find good times to buy when the stock is breaking out. I was actually a bit late buying BYD, but the money wasn't settled yet through Scottrade until late Sunday.

I really enjoy this investing stuff and watching the investing things on TV. I'm so glad I've gotten an opportunity to try it. For some reason, I feel closer to Odin while engaged in it. I can so see Him getting into it. I'm learning a lot. Especially what makes a good stock. Take Wal-mart for example. It's the world's largest retailer with earnings above $100 billion. Yes, billions. But the stock performance is crap. It just bounces between $50 and $58. And the volume, while heavy is very steady with nothing jumping out to say "hey, now it's time for this stock to go places." Right now it's at $52.70 and I heard some optimist say that it's poised to shoot up over $60. I would say it's poised to go down for now.

But I digress... It's late.
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