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My Day and stuff

We got at least a foot of snow yesterday. It was also Liturgist Roundtable Day. This is where the Grove all sits down (Well those that show up) and plan our next ritual. It starts at 7pm and we got home at 6:30. I got out the snow blower and Liz started on the front porch and the sidewalk. She, unfortunately, hurt her back. Poor Liz. Everyone send her good thoughts and stuff. The Grove had lots to discuss and everyone didn't leave until after 10pm. Liz had gone to bed by then. I settled down at the computer and realized that it was trash day the next day. So I changed both litter boxes, got the trash and the recycling out. Then, because I was in a hurry with the snow blower, there was a lot of snow to clear around our cars. I shoveled the snow and then cleared off the snow and ice from the windshields and the rest of our cars, which was pretty bad on Liz's car. By the time I finished it was after 2am. But I didn't want Liz to have to deal with all that in the morning, so I was glad I got it done.

So today, she was in quite a bit of pain today. I went to work out after work, but didn't go to my ninja class. Instead I came home and got the tub all cleaned out so she could take a nice relaxing bath. It seems to have helped her. As I was running at the club, my left calf started hurting so I stopped and walked/limped to where I could stretch (I only had five more minutes to go). I'm thinking I just pulled something, but it still hurts to walk. I don't want to take anything for it for fear of masking the pain and making things worse. I'll be okay.

Good news. I can bench at least 165lbs. Today I did the fly thingy that works your pecs. I started out at 165lbs. What I do is start with the maximum weight I can do and then when I can't do a rep, I drop the weight and repeat, down to the lowest weight. That way I get maximum muscle fatigue. It's amazing how heavy 30lbs feels when you are done.

And two people on my friends list are dealing with splits from boyfriends. One makes me sad and the other very angry. My thoughts go out to the both of you.

Now I'm watching the financial show that I tape everyday. I also watched Smallville. I'm not taping as much as I used to. I used to have two 9-hour tapes pretty much full. Now I tape Enterprise, Smallville, and Stargate-SG1/Stargate-Atlantis/Battlestar Galactica one one tape and the Closing Bell on CNBC on the second tape. One interesting thing I've learned is that when oil prices go up, all other stock prices go down. The same happens when the dollar drops. But a weakened dollar means more exports, and therefore is good. Japan has been propping up our dollar for years. My stock is in consolidation right now. This means that the price essentially moves sideways. It will probably be a week or two before it breaks back out. At least that's the plan.

I'm tired, for some reason...
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