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Witches Weekly Questions

What path of Paganism do you follow? (If you take pieces from several traditions, list all of them and why you follow those as well?
My path is Norse, but I follow this in an ADF Druidic way.

Are you/would you be open about your spirituality in the workplace/school?
Yes, completely.

If you were in a marriage of separate faiths, how would you raise your children?
I would raise them to be as pagan as possible. At least to be polytheistic, so that if they felt the call of some other God, they would know enough to follow.

This is an interesting little bunch of questions. I have one of my own. If you could have any one magical power, what would it be? I'm tempted to say teleportation, but in the end I would choose the power of transformation. Changing one thing into another, both animate and inanimate.

I'm skipping my ninja class. I'm not even going to feel guilty about it. I'm going to take our cat, Angus outside. He really likes that. We let him out with supervision. He's spent most of his life as an indoor cat.
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