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Well, I had one student on Saturday, and then I went to my mom's. My brother, Bob and I threw out a lot of stuff, but only really made a dent. And there was not nearly as much stuff in the basement as before. And looking in a corner was a box with a watermark more than half way up the sides (which shows you how deep the water in the basement was) It was a box of comics that I had misplaced. In it were my Lone Wold & Cub #1 as well as Sandman #1. I was horrified that it had been underwater. After seperating them I found that most of them were okay, including the aforementioned ones. I did lose some, but the majority were okay. I'm relieved. They are safe at my house now.

Sunday was Guild Day and there were no new people at all. But I made everyone practice their Rún Valdr anyway. You may not know this, but there is a weight loss symbol now for Rún Valdr. I attune almost everything I eat with it. My hope is to be in good shape for Wellspring, Memorial Day weekend. Both for the Warrior Games and also so I don't look bad being naked in the hot tub in front of everyone. I really want to do better in the Warrior Games this year. I didn't do nearly as well at the Circle Challenge as I should have.

My leg was still hurting from Wednesday. It had been feeling pretty good, but I had a relapse on Saturday. I took a nice hot bath to help it. The cats kept watch in case something bad happened. I don't think they approved of their Daddy soaking in a tub full of water and were rather apprehensive about the whole thing. But it felt good and I was really relaxed afterwards.

We rented some movies. I got Alien vs Predator and Liz got Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. I really liked Alien vs Predator. Both are such great concepts. But to put them together is really fabulous.
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