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My neck is hurting today. I fell asleep on the couch watching my stock show around midnight. I woke up at almost 5am. I had to get the trash and recycling ready, so I did that, got everything out to the curb and then went to bed. I had a very strange dream.

I was finishing up some sort of training and had one final test. I had to face Fear. I was to go forward across a room and through a door. Suddenly all the lights went out and I was in utter darkness. I moved forward and was immediately overwhelmed with intense fear. It was hard to walk because of the fear I felt and I almost stopped. So, I switched to crawling, which was better, but this got to me. It was demeaning, so I stuggled to my feet and continued on. It's hard to describe the fear as it really was so overwhelming. It was all consuming. I finally made it to the door and despite the dark, I could sort of see the door. I knelt in front of it and there was a dog immediately at my left with his head facing the door where it would open. It didn't move. On my right was a baby. I ended up picking up the baby by the legs and began beating the dog with it. The baby just passed through the dog, which I had a feeling wasn't a normal looking dog, so I was glad I couldn't see its face. I then realized that the baby wasn't a real baby, but a baby like thing with a grotesque face, like something out of Nightmare Before Christmas. I dropped the baby and realized that I was being delayed be the fear. So I struggled up and pushed open the door. I stepped through and suddenly the fear went away and the lights came up. It still took awhile to get over the feeling, but I had completed the task and I felt much relief.

My leg is feeling a bit better, but is a tiny bit twingy and seems to tire easily. After work, we did a bit of shopping. Liz got some more bath salts at Rite Aid and then we went to Kroger for some stuff. Then we stopped at Wendy's and I got two large chilis and some fries. Now I'm watching my stock show. The markets are down in a combination between oil prices rising and bond rates also rising. Not sure how bond rates affect things... I guess I'll have to do some research. Our stock went down 71 cents. Yesterday it went down $1.10. This could be the handle part of a cup and handle formation. If so, then after a time, the stock will take off. The Royal Bank of Scotland stock went up 15 cents. It's been pretty slow going with that one, but that's okay.
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