uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Had a Grove business meeting tonight. I'm the Pursewarden. We meet in a local Border's cafe, because we don't have our own building. But at least there's lots of books. One of the agenda items was regarding this pan pagan group in Southeast MI. There are around 5 pan pagan groups in Michigan. This one, the Federation of Circles and Solitaires seems to always plan their meetings around High Days and expects everyone to work around their schedule, like groups don't have anything better to do on a High Day. Then there's this other group that's focusing on polytheists. This sounds more promising, but still, at this point, I can't see much reason to get involved. Then there's MEC, who puts on ConVocation, the big local pagan convention every year. They have a picnic coming up in late June and we are supposed to do a ritual. We got a copy of the flier. What a mess. It uses at least 9 different fonts, has a large badly placed chunk of white space, busy white space at that as it has a star pattern. A third of the flier is pushing next years ConVocation. It mentions, "Public Ritual by S.L.G." But if you don't know that this is short for Shining Lakes Grove, than you are left wondering who the hell this is. They's all bitches...

Still we had fun talking about Wellspring and stuff. Hoping to have moonstone1220 come to our Midsummer High Day, as she is relatively close by.

Need to get trash ready for tomorrow and should get to bed early. Or at least earlier.

As a final note, I will say, that even though I want a different job, at least we get really good cookies to eat and I can wear whatever I want to work.
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