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Well, I got my ninja icon. I taught my ninja class as our instructor had a migraine and went home. We started off where we left off on Monday, doing really mean things to people that come up and grab you. Then we started experimenting, which is always fun. I came up with several things, which I'm sure are already techniques. My goal is to be undefeated in the Circle Challenge this year at both Trillium and Wellspring.

I got a new robe today. My old one had a really big tear in the left arm pit. It seems that my mighty lats were too much for the poor fabric. Yes, I'm cursed with huge lats. The new robe is a Nautica brand and came with matching slippers. It is a navy blue with white trim. It's quite comfy.

My leg is feeling much better. I even did a half hour on the eliptical before ninja class on Wednesday and it held up well.

I've gotten several more Magic cards orders. I've tweaked all my decks and am looking forward to playing them. My Angel Deck actually has all angels in it (except for Azusa, Lost But Seeking) which doesn't count as I use her more like an enchantment that allows me to play extra land per turn. All flying creatures, some very powerful, the others just really powerful.

I've gotten an idea for a really evil deck that has lots of cards that give me extra turns. Then get a few choice creatures out, and or direct damage and you have a really annoying deck. I've gotten 4 Time stretches which give me two extra turns each. My brother has put together some really good decks. He also bought me 4 Broodstars, which are big, huge, flying critters that are cheaper with every artifact you have in play. Perfect for my artifact deck.

Our stock went up wildly the other day and then went down a bit yesterday, then back up again today to end above where it ended after the big jump. It's up to $57.50. Only $3.26 to go before I can sell. Yesterday was a really bad day for stocks. Oil prices are way up and GM's profit outlook is way down.
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