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Weekend and stuff

I sold our stock at $56.70. I didn't like what it was doing. Right after I sold it it dropped down to $53 or so. So I'm glad. It was up a little today, but still... I'm glad I dumped it. I only made 12.something% profit on it, which is not the 22% I wanted, but it's better that a 7% loss. I'm now looking at buying either BOOM (Dynamic Materials) or SNHY (Sun Hydraulics). SNHY went up when everything else was going down and it had above average volume. BOOM started going up wildly on Monday and went up to almost 17% of its start on Monday before closing down today. And it had huge volume today, which doesn't bode well. I was thinking that if it keeps going up like this in two days, then I have to jump on this. But it finished 53 cents lower than where it finished yesterday. So I'm thinking that it's not that great. Stocks plummeted because the Feds said it was concerned about inflation. Presto, stocks sink and bond rates rise. Go figure.

SLG had its Spring Equinox Ritual on Saturday. It went well, we got a good omen and no one died. We had some new people and took in a pile of money. There was a couple from a local college (Concordia University) who were Lutherans and were there to observe. It was for a class paper.

Sunday, I slept in until around 3pm. We eventually got showered and dressed and went out to eat around 8pm and then did some grocery shopping.

I taped the Dragon show on the Animal Planet channel. I really liked it. I didn't realize it was all made up until the end when they said that it was. I really thought that they had found a dragon in some ice cave somewhere along with a bunch of bodies of 15th century guys. They made it all very plausible and believable. Bladders filled with bacteria-produced hydrogen which made them light enough to fly and it was also used to let them breath fire. Very believable. After all, all cultures have stories about dragons, even cultures that never met or exchanged ideas. Something that widespread must have some truth to it, right? Plus Patrick Steward was the narrator.

A fellow student was to teach the ninja class on Monday. But we had a couple brand new people and everyone deferred to me to teach at that point. Our instructor is out this week. I had a long work out before ninja class and my pecs and arms are very sore now. But I did aerobic activity for at least 45 minutes which is good.
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