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Thursdays are great!

First because it's Thursday and thus very good, if you know what I mean. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

Secondly, the stock I bought went up $2.67 today. Yesterday it went up a mere $0.12 after having interday highs of being up over $2. While yesterday was disappointing, today more than made up for it. The stock needs to go up another $3.91 and I can sell. Although, as I've said before, if it reaches this goal early enough next week, I'll let it ride a bit to see how high it can go. But that scenario has never happened yet, so we'll just wait and see. Also, since tomorrow is Good Friday, the stock markets will apparently be closed. So nothing more until Monday. But a good start for this stock. I figure that if I can make 10 or so trades a year and make 20% on almost all of them, I can make a million dollars in under 5 years. Assuming everything goes well. Although it's obviously too early to make any promises. And of course, if any stock falls to 7% below what I paid, it gets sold without hesitation. Cut your losses early.

I'm really glad I found How To Make Money In The Stock Market by William O'Neil. Fantastic information for making lots of money. I highly recommend it.

In other news, Liz and I will be hosting Easter dinner, Sunday, which will just be us, our parents and my brother. Saturday will be teaching my class and going to the Guys for gaming.

Oh, and Liz got this lotion stuff that smells great! It's like some kind of very yummy food. I'm thinking the perfect perfumes to attract guys should smell like food. Steak scent would be a good one.
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