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Our stock is up to 35.82% profit! It went up $2.18/share today on decent volume. This is very good is it had gone up only about $.50 or so over the last two days. The stock just has to go up $6.25/share before it's where I want to sell (or a profit of 60.75%). If things stay this good it will only take 3 days.

Practiced some stuff at ninja class that will be covered for the impending black belt test. I'm going to a different dojo tomorrow to get some extra testing in. They will help me prepare for the test. The black belt test will be interesting. First the PT stuff. Running a couple miles, lots of push-ups and sit-ups, then the test begins. I will have to show proficiency in all the techniques from white belt on up. The black belt part includes having someone continuously attacking me while I move from stance to stance, blocking, but not actively defending myself. Then I will have to do some one on one sparring which means I get attacked by a black belt and have to take them down. Then I will have to show proficiency in two weapons, the bo (6 foot staff) and the hanbo (3 foot staff), including defending myself (unarmed) against someone wielding a hanbo. At second degree this will be against a sword. Then there is something I don't know what it is. I have to ask someone tomorrow. I'm still really nervous. It's the PT stuff that really is causing me stress. I can barely do 30 push-ups. I can probably do more sit-ups and I know I can run the two miles. But still...
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