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Hey, it's Thursday!

I was running late to my ninja class and by the time I arrived, no one was there. So I jumped on an eliptical machine for a half hour. It was brutal. I've gotten so out of shape. I guess I should mention that my ninja class is at my local Bally's Fitness Club.

Dropped of a small sage bundle Toad wanted me to get to my Senior Druid, kargach so that he could take it to our Manannan Shrine on Monday. We have a great Senior Druid here at Shining Lakes Grove, ADF. I took the sage to the flower store that kargach and his fiancee work at, but they were not there. So the nice people there let me put it in an envelope and leave it for them. Then they gave me a free chocalate. I got a milk chocalate cherry cordial. I love cherry cordials and had never tried a milk chocolate one. It was really good.

I'll see Harry Potter again tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it. I read that the director intuitively put in things that will come up in books 6 & 7, so I want to look for that.

I'm going to play paintball Saturday! I'm really excited. I'll finally get to try out my new gun. I love playing paintball. There's nothing like running through woods shooting paint at people. It's just like Valhalla. You go out and do battle, die, and then get to go back and do it again. That's what I'd name a paintball place if I opened one: Valhalla. It would of course have an Asgard theme. Paintball is also good for practicing one's military hand signals. I just wish I had a hot tub to soak in afterwards. *sigh*

I need to get working more on my Dedicant stuff. I also need to get going more on my novel as well.

Oh, I may have mentioned that I'm an artist. I don't think anyone's seen any of my art. I'm including a picture so that people can see something I've done. It's a quickly done picture of what I want my ritual garb to look like. I'm hoping to have Fran make the tunic and over robe parts. It will all be white.
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