uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Well my shoulder is feeling a lot better than it did a week ago. I can move it it a great deal and it only twinges a great deal. Much, much better. Still quite a ways to go, but the progress so far has been great.

Getting ready to go to Trillium. I think we have everything we need. There will be a couple of pot-lucks and I'm going to make chili and pigs 'n taters (boiled sliced potatoes with ground sausage and cream of mushroom soup all mixed together. Very yummy), freeze them and take them along to heat up when we get there. I will use a whole bottle of Harp's lager in the chili. Last time it was really good, possible the best chili I've ever made. Liz will be making a fruit salad thing. We also have a brownie mix. I need to do the MapQuest thing...

We have bottled water, apples, lots of beef jerky and things like that to take along.

Our stock took a bad hit and lost about $100 before I was able to sell it. I was too hasty buying the next stock after selling it for a nice profit and bought using unsettled funds, which means that if I got into trouble, I couldn't sell it until the funds cleared. I've learned my lesson and will not make that mistake again. The funds should clear on Friday. But we'll be at Trillium so that's okay. We still have more than we started with, but this is a small, but painful step back. I think it's a lesson from Odin. And when He teaches you a lesson, it tends to be a hard one.

In environmental news, all the trees have leaves coming out and it looks like a nice Spring. Kind of dry though. It's also quite warm.
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