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Back from Trillium

Well, we are back from the wilds of northern Virginia. I have one word to describe the experience. It was cold. It rained a lot, it was very windy and oh yeah, it snowed. But I had a really nice time. I got to hang out quite a bit with chronarchy and druidkirk and acousticdream

Actually the weather on Saturday was quite nice and it was sunny and warm (and dry) for the Warrior's competition. I didn't compete, but I did help judge the circle challenge. A woman came in third, which was really nice to see. I got to go to some fantastic workshops and stuff. The ritual was very nice and I'm a step further to getting my cool new ritual clothing. They should be ready for fitting at Wellspring.

The new tent worked well and I'm glad I brought the huge brown tarp to put over it as in rained. A little bit of water got in, but far away from where we were sleeping. Someone said it looked like a hobbit hole, which was nice. We need warmer sleeping bags.

Everyone loved the food I made and Liz's brownies were a huge hit as was her fruit salad.

It was great seeing a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long while. I'm sure the weather will be better next year. Looking forward to Wellspring Memorial Day weekend.
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