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I'm tired

I've not been getting enough sleep so I'm tired.

I'm really tired about my shoulder and having to deal with the pain and feeling all weak. Granted it's gotten a lot better, but it still wears at me. I went back to the doctor's today and was told that it's an irritated rotator cuff. Nothing seems to be seriously broken or anything as I have full range of motion and good strength. Only if it doesn't get better in 6 weeks should I go back. This is good news and it gives me more time to prepare for my black belt test.

Stocks are still iffy. I bought ASTE. They make equipment for road construction, which seems to be a good time of the year for this as lots of road construction is around the corner. We'll see how it goes. It may require a little waiting on my part.

Note: I went to bed early and didn't even finish this post.
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