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SLG had it's Beltaine Rite on Saturday. Rob H kargach led it instead of me, mostly because I was receiving zero inspiration during the planning meetings. Normally, I get all sorts of brilliant ideas and feel the inspirations from the Gods clearly. Not this time. I had nothing. Oh, well. I was feeling rather disconnected for some reason. Anyway, I woke up, got the ritual stuff to the ritual site, left to teach my ninja class. No one showed up, but I got a sinus headache. Went home, changed and sat for awhile hoping the headache would go away. Got to the ritual site was a purifier and opened the Fire Portal. Normally in SLG we have three purifiers who also do a specific Portal Opening. We purify with ochre for Land, water for Sea and incense for Sky. The person doing the Land purification would then open the Tree Portal. The Sea Purifier would open the Well and the Sky Purifer would open the Fire. Most other groves just sprinkle you with water. Anyway, since it was Beltaine, I purified using bubbles. For Land we had some sort of glitter thing and for Sea we were going to have some sort of spray bottle or squirt gun, but in the end just used water.

The participants then processed playing follow the leader and we go them all purified before the hit the Nemeton. We got the Portals opened, welcomed the Kindreds, etc. including the Deity of Occasion, Aren, SLG's God of love, beauty and freedom. He's a local God Whom we honor at Beltaine. We did the May Pole and thankfully it got messed up, but we had fun doing it. We did the Praise offerings, Main offerings, and then it was time for me to the omen to see if our offerings had been accepted. I'm pretty in tune with the Gods (Shining Ones) and was feeling good stuff. I did the omen: Mannaz (Mankind), Nauthiz (Need), and Isa (Ice). Well this was a bad omen. There was something that we needed to do first, or we wouldn't make any progress. So I did a follow up question asking whan we needed to do. At first it was rather vague: Algiz (protection, also divine energy coming down to the earthly realm), Eihwaz (Normally death but also a connection to the other side and/or initiation), and Sowilo (Sun. Also representing divine energy). I had an inkling as to what was wanted, but pulled some more runes for clarification: I can't remember the first one, but I think it was Mannaz again, which also represents the mind, and Thurisaz (giant) this is usually a very bad, destructive rune, but it can also be thought of as breaking through. I interpreted this all to mean that we needed to all go an a guided meditation/journey to meet Aren. for some reason He wanted to meet with us.

So we got everyon situated and I led the meditation/journey. I always leave them open ended, giving instructions on how to get back. Basically I have everyone see themselves entering the fire and ending up in a clearing in the woods with many paths leading away from it. They are to follow a path until they meet Aren, talk with Him and then come back. Some parts of what I spoke with Aren about are private, but essentially He wanted to meet everyone, especially the new people, as we had a lot. He told me that He was satisfied and that He would give us a good omen now. After everyone came out, I did another omen: Wunjo (joy), Perthro (Fate, but I usually interpret it as one's path in life) and Uruz (Auroch- strength and health). So he was blessing us with joy and health/strength for our journey through life. Or he was happy with our path in life. Either way, it was a very good omen. We could then expect to receive blessings in return, which took the form of either wine or sparkling grape juice. People could also jump the Fire. ADF normally does The Waters of Life, but we never do for some reason. Then we had announcements, welcomed some new members and closed down the Rite. I also tended the fire during the ritual, still feeling rather disconnected, until the Group Praise part (the Hokey-Pokey) when I finally felt more connected.

The headache stayed with me, but became bearable. Someone did some Reiki for me which helped a lot. After the Rite, we had a pot luck thing and I talked with people and stuff. Lots of people helped and go the ritual stuff all packed up and in my car before we ate, which made things so much easier for me. I was very grateful.

Then I went home and relaxed for a bit until I had to go to the airport and pick up my twin brother (no, we are fraternal twins. We don't look anything alike) and a friend of his (Vince) who were coming back from a weeklong ski trip to Utah. My mom was going to pick him up, but got into an accident last week Saturday, wrecking her car. My brother had left his there at her place so he wouldn't have to pay for parking a the airport. After the accident, she decided that she wasn't going to drive anymore as she didn't want to hurt anyone. That day, she had also gotten lost driving back from dropping my brother off at the airport. To many senior moments... She's 74 after all. So with her not driving, I got to pick up brother Bob, which was okay, but I really wasn't feeling the best. I arrived at the terminal just as they were coming out, so timing was good.

Got them safely to my mom's so they could then pack up Bob's car and drive home. I visited with my mom for a bit and went home. I've been playing Halo, which is fun, especially the online gaming. Tomorrow is Guild Day and I hope a bunch of people show up.

It was a busy day.
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