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Had a good Mother's Day. Our respective parents and my brother were over at our house for a nice dinner. My brother showed me his investing stuff. He's involved with buying and selling currency. He spent quite a bit for this fancy software and went to a class on it. He's still learning the robes and had some ups and downs, like me. Still, it sounds interesting.

Stockwise, we had three bad stocks in a row. Mainly due to being hasty. I've hopefully learned from this. I'm waiting for funds to clear and scouting out the next investment. I want to take my time and make sure we have something really good all across the board and not just hastily look at one or two indications. We will have $1,060 to spend. At least we are still above where we started.

My father-in-law borrow my car, lending me his; a brand new Buick LaCrosse. Very nice. Heated, leather seats, XM radio, remote start, etc. It handles very well and still has the new car smell. He's going to Liz's Aunt and Uncle's place in St. Joe to pick up some deck furniture for us and thus needed my car with the folding seat and the hatchback.

I went back to my ninja class for the first time since I hurt my shoulder, just about a month ago. My arm is much better, but still not 100%. I'm hoping it'll be all better by Wellspring so I can compete in the Warrior Games. I really want to do the Circle Challenge, especially since I wasn't in shape for it at Trillium. I've got some new tricks to try out. Two and a half more weeks to Wellspring. Yay! Hot Tubs!!

Hey, on The Closing Bell on CNBC, my brother's company, King Pharmaceutical's CEO was on! Cool. They will be coming out with a drug that acts like Viagra, but is in a nasal spray that does not affect blood pressure like Viagra. Should be a big hit. King closed at $9.00 today and was up a penny. Not something I would buy.

Anyway, I'm rambling and so must go.
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