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Went to ninja class, didn't get hurt. My arm felt better while doing the rolls and tumbles.

Someone sent me $50 from the Netherlands as a donation for Rún Valdr as a way of saying thank you for coming up with the system. He was attuned by someone else. Very pleasant surprise.

Also, for those coming to visit for Midsummer, I have information on the hot tub place here in Ann Arbor, Oasis Hot Tub Gardens. You can go to their website here. They have pictures of the different gardens. All are open to the sky, although they have some indoor rooms. Click on the Garden Photos link and choose the Ann Arbor one. Cost will be around $20 per person. There are lots of rooms to pick from. What are your favorites?

Regarding stocks, I'm still looking for the right one to buy. I'm going to make sure I pick something good and not be in a rush to be invested for the sake of being invested.
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