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More stuff - coherent this time

My brother Bob will be coming over on Saturday to help with stuff in the attic (a very scary place with insulation and stuff. When we bought our house, we had an exhaust fan and heat lamp put into the bathroom ceiling, but the stupid guy didn't connect anything to the exhaust port to the outside so the hot, moist air was just going up into the attic, where we already had a small mold problem. Plus the isulation in a spot got disturbed when I went up there to investigate an ice dam situation.

So the plan is to run a hose from the exhaust port to the power vent by one of the outside vents.

I'm also feeling stressed about Wellspring and friends who no longer get along. How am I supposed to deal with this without anyone feeling hurt? Not doing a good job so far and I'm not liking that. I will just concentrate on having a good time and the hot tubs I guess.
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