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More on Saturday

Well, my brother Bob came over and we went up into the attic to see what we had to work with and to plan what we needed from Home Depot. We measured the diameter of the exhauts port on the fan (4") and then we measured the length to the power fan (which is on the outside vent to help keep the air up there moving) we were going to run the duct to (22'). Man, was it hot up there! We got 25 feet of flexible duct, some wire and some eye hooks. We also put a bunch of plywood up in the attic, so you can crawl around without having to wade through insulation. So I attached the duct to the fan exhaust, securing it with a ring clamp. Then I put in the first eye hook and used some wire to lift the duct up off the floor. Then Bob put in another eye clamp near the power fan and hooked up the end of the duct so that it was aimed at the fan. This left a droop in the middle, which we had planned for. That way if the water vapor codnensed, it would not run back down into the bathroom, and any water collected could evaporate. Then we smoothed out the insulation so that it actually covered the floor rather than being all bunched up.

It took surprisingly little time to get the actual work done.

Then we all went out to see Star Wars. I really liked the movie. I had heard so much about the awkward dialog, etc. that I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was. So the movie turned out to be a lot better than my expectations. Yay me.

We also set up the tent outside and sprayed the hell out of it with water proofing stuff. The plan was to take it back down today before it rained. But it rained before we could do that. So it's still up in the backyard. Poo.

Today, we have to get the house all cleaned up for when the in-laws will be here to watch it while we are at Wellspring. We also have to do some shopping. Perhaps we will be able to get to Barnes & Noble. The $150 in gift cards came in the mail yesterday. I gave one to Liz.
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