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More on Wellspring

Overall the whole weekend went: Wake up. Shower, then jump in hot tub. Eat. Hang out (perhaps go to some workshops). Hot tub. Eat. Evening entertainment. Hot Tub. Sleep. And singingwren you really needed to be there. I did indeed make it awesome.

Random Comments
This Wellspring was really good for my ego.

On nakedness: I have now seen 41.66% of the people on my friend's list naked. Yay. Also saw way too many other people naked to comment on them all. And for the first time, I saw someone dance naked around a fire at a Pagan event. Yes, I've led a sheltered life.

Did I mention that hot tubs are good?

Drunk people are easily amused.

I am constantly amazed at the never ending supply of hotties that chronarchy seems to have to bring to events.

As per my overreaching agenda, I took opportunities to push my Rún Valdr system and even attuned a couple of people.

Day by Day commentary
Thursday: Well, we got to Wellspring around 6pm and got our tent set up. Glad to see satikat and moonstone1220, not to mention druidkirk, qorinda, chronarchy, romandruid (who ran up behind be and clapped her hands over my eyes as way of greeting) and Grovemates, alter_geizhaus and uputat. Lots of hugs all around. We camped with Caryn from CLG, which was nice. Said various hello's went to the opening ritual and then jumped into the hot tub. It was great to see all the Arizona folks there. Met some new friends from there and got to hang out with friends already established. Will have to go to Desert Magic next year. Opening ritual was nice. The weather was very nice.

I teased everyone with hints about my "Little Green Frog" story that I planned to read for Bardic Night on Saturday.


We went out shopping with satikat and moonstone1220. Liz needed a wash cloth and also some alcohol. On the way up, we kept joking that we needed to find "Bob's big house of Liquor." We ended up finding a "Bob's Liquor" which was just as good. Lot's of nice stuff. Liz got a bunch of whiskey, the others got rum, vanilla vodka, stuff like that. And Liz got her wasth cloth. Porta-Johns showed up when we got back. Yay!

Went to Bard Daffyd's channeling workshop and also to the ritual his Grove did, which of course had channeling. The Deity of Occasion was Bridget. I'm a big fan of channeling Deity in ritual and I was amazed by this experience.

Big thrill moment was the arrival of Ceisiwr Serith the legendary ADF scholar. He was shorter than I thought he would be, as was smithing_chick, who looks much bigger in LJ. Still, even though short, she is a nice person and I'm glad I got to meet her. Cei is a nice guy who will sit and talk to you for hours. Literally. Will talk with you for hours. Great guy.

This was the night of the fire that the one person danced naked around (Go Jesse). Yay fire.

More hot tubs and stuff. Yay hot tubs.


It was raining when we woke up, which sucked. It stopped around 11am or so and everything was dry and warm for the Warrior games. I came in second in the Circle Challenge and made Aethon work to get first place. chronarchy and I thrilled the ladies by doing some archery with our shirts off. ceolnamara showed up although she missed all the hot tub sessions.

Bardic night. I read my "Little Green Frog" story at the big Bardic Circle thingy, after Ian & Sue and Revelry did their "professional" sets. I managed to get up first. I of course started out by saying, "Ladies, Gentlemen...Bard Daffyd." I was a big hit and afterwards, Bard Daffyd urged me to join the Bardic Guild. There were little green frog references the rest of the weekend. I have to say that going first is very good. For one thing, you get it out of the way. Secondly, you don't have to follow someone who is better than you. druidkirk was really funny, but I have to say thad Daffyd was funnier. It was the first time I've heard his poem of Ian flashing everyone.

Everyone loved the story. I gave a copy to Ceisiwr and later walked by him talking with someone else about it. He was going on and on about how this part was great, and why that part was perfect and how I had done something that had made it even better than if I had done it the other way. Very good for my ego and self esteem :) When he signed the book we bought form him he mentioned little green frogs. Someone, I think romandruid, said I should send it to Oak Leaves.

Liz bought a sarong and she looked very hot in it.

More hot tubs.


Cei's class. He's very knowledgeable about stuff and it's rather fun to sit and listen to him ramble on about things. I put sun screen on my legs, but got a bad sun burn anyway. Made going to the hot tub painful.

Went to the Bardic Guild meeting because three people mentioned that I should attend. I'm thinking about considering about joining.

Did some shopping and bought some rocks. 2 emeralds, 2 labradorite and a calcite. Total cost, $2.

The feast was nice. Liz and I sat with Three Cranes Grove as well as satikat and moonstone1220. We saved a seat for Cei. We cooked all the rest of the kielbasa that we had brought. There was a lot of meat, but it was yummy

Went to the Big Symbel. I still prefer the spelling Sumbel. Anyway, it's a Norse drinking ritual and I didn't agree with how it was run. Traditionally, just the person holding the horn and saying stuff drinks, not everyone. That just leads to lots of drunkeness, which is not too cool for ritual. But Cei got up and thanked us personally for making him feel welcomed, which was nice. I even got up early on and made some funny comments, including toasting the Mother Grove, because without them, we would have no one to make fun of.

So eventually we snuck out to go to the hot tub. Quote, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, shit, damn, piss, fuck," as my thighs entered the hot water.


Packed up everything and said good bye to people. Lots of hugs. It's the saddest day of the Festival. Made the long trek home, stopping to eat at McDonalds. There was a huge traffic jam on the Ohio Turnpike just west of Cleveland for some reason. We left around 1pm and got home around 8pm. On the way home, at one of the service centers saw satikat and moonstone1220, which was nice. Got more hugs. Can't wait to see them at Midsummer.

A very nice time was had.
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