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Things... and Stuff

Well, we had a good Midsummer Ritual. A reporter showed up from the Michigan Daily and he took pictures and everything.

I took off from work on Friday, even though no one was going to be visiting from out of town :( Slept in until 1pm. Watched lots of CNBC and eventually got showered and dressed around 4 or 4:30pm. I eventually went out to Fire Watch and then to the store to get stuff for the ritual. For the first time that I remember, we are having actual offerings for the Kindreds instead of just lighting candles when we invite them to our ritual. There was beer for the ancestors, apple rings for the Nature Spirits and whiskey for the Shining Ones. I also had a bottle of whiskey for Bel and Danu, the Deities of Occasion. Went back to the fire around 12:30am to throw on more wood. That was Friday night.

We also had some new people show up at the ritual, some of which expressed an interest in joining the Grove and were really into Rún Valdr. So hopefully we will be getting some new members. The turn out was pretty low, only about 13 to 14 people, but we brought in a goodly amount of money. Enough to pay for the site, anyway. Then I spent the rest of the day web surfing and playing Halo. The ritual went well and we had a good omen. And then we passed out the Lemonade of Life.

I'm really glad I decided to buy the SNHY stock now. I would recommend to everyone that, if they can, they should buy this too and as much of it as you can. The dividend will be paid on July 15 for those who are stock holders as of June 30th. Getting an extra 50% of shares for free is fantastic. If the stock plummets to, say, $30 (I bought at $35.96) I will still make 22% profit. If it goes up to $44.19 (the 22% profit mark) then my profit will be more like 80%. Either way, it still looks good.
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