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I got a bunch of the extra cardboard boxes broken down and stacked, waiting to be all tied up. Except I can't find the twine. This effort has made the basement look a bit less cluttered. At least one quarter of it. The utility room is looking a lot better since I broke down the box the freezer came in. I also moved one end of the clothes line which makes it easier to move around in there without hitting any clothing that might be hanging there.

We also went out to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was a really good movie. It's always nice to see Angelina Jolie. I would recommend this movie. I would also recommend Gia, which also starred Angelina. It's about this model, Gia, who was really big in the early 80's who ended up dying from AIDS which she got from sharing needles. Yes it was kind of bad watching the descent into drugs and sickness, but you get to see a lot of naked Angelina Jolie, which is always a plus.
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