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Happy Fourth of July

I wish it was a longer weekend.

I can't remember what we did on Friday evening. Wait, we went shopping. And ate at Red Robin.

Went to teach my class on Saturday after dropping off Liz at her friend's for a birthday get together. No one showed up for my class, but that's okay. Then my brother Bob came over and we hung out, playing Magic: the Gathering until it was time for me to get Liz. Then we went to see Batman Begins. Not a bad movie. My brother stayed until after 3am. We offered to let him spend the night, but he didn't want to.

Sunday I slept in late as I went to bed around 5am or so the night before. Then we went out for something to eat with Liz's parents, which was nice. I played lots of Halo.

Monday, I slept in until 11am, played some Halo, bummed around. Liz made me scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I put whipped honey on the toast, which was quite yummy. I love whipped honey. I love bacon more, but I really like whipped honey. There was no trading in the stock market today, so boo hoo. Our stock is doing okay and I'm looking forward to that extra stock dividend. I was all set to spend the whole day unwashed and rumpled, but my mom called. She had hurt her back and needed someone to take her to the hospital. So Liz and I showered and drove 40 minutes to my my mom's place in Detroit. Her back wasn't too bad, but it was a bit strained. After her trip to the emergency room, we went out to get something to eat at the Red Robin near her.

I'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix again to get ready for the release of the sixth book this month.
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