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General update

My father-in-law has been coming over to do yard work. I guess he's a little bored and wants to keep busy, which is fine with me. He's made big improvements. He got the sandbox taken out and best of all, he got the old swing set taken down! He's also fertilized the grass and will get a weed killer if he can find one safe for the animals. He's been a big help and I really appreciate his efforts.

In other news, our stock has jumped up again. It's almost at 14% profit and we have another week before the stock dividend comes through.

I will be leaving shortly to teach my ninja class. There haven't been any kids coming the last couple of times. I'm told they want to put the calss on hold until August 10 so they can re-market it and get more interest. We've decided to open it up to adults as well as kids.

After my class, there will be a special ninja class at a park near me. We will do cool things with lots of weapons, and make a little picnic out of it. I'm to bring a sandwich or something and something for everyone. I'll bring apples.

Then it's over to hang with the Guy's for gaming.

Liz is taking her mother to an art fair in Plymouth, which is not too far away. It looks like we won't be able to attend the Ann Arbor Art Fair.
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