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More Running

After work I got a hair cut, because it was getting out of control. It was curling up and sticking out and looking goofy. Then I went home, got ready and went running again. I was able to run the entire half hour. Mind, I wasn't moving very fast, but I kept going. I felt better than yesterday as well. I got home and took off all my clothes and stood naked in the basement under the vent with nice cool air coming out of it.

Now I'm typing things on the computer, still naked and still a bit over heated. I push these little buttons and letters appear on the screen. See, I'm doing in right now. And now.

The highlight of my run was seeing a deer. It ran out of my path and then stopped and turned to look at me as I ran past. It was less than 50 feet from me. I think it was a buck. At least I think I saw some antlers. Either way, it was a pretty good sized deer. I had noticed deer spore (poop) yesterday on the trail.

For you newer people who have friended me, let me describe the trail I run on. the first part is fairly straight and gently slopes down. Then it turns sharply back and begins to climb again. But it switches back and forth and is rather hilly, both up and down. One part in particular is very steep going up. So it's a bit of a work out.

Plans for the evening (Liz is visiting her parents tonight and will be home late) is to play some more on the computer, then shower (not only for after running, you have to shower after a haircut), then get the trash ready and then go do some shopping. I'm out of yogurt and floss. Liz needs somethings too and gave me a list. I was supposed to go last night, but was too tired after my run.

Funny thing, as I was running, I was composing a Live Journal entry about my experiences. I must be using LJ too much :)

I'm looking forward very much to Friday and finally getting the new Harry Potter book. We will also be going out to eat with a friend earlier. That would be dinpik Then over to Borders around 9pm for the festivities. Then Saturday we will be going to the Saline Celtic Festival. A bunch of Grovemates should hopefully be there as well.

Other good news, I received $50 to give someone a Rún Valdr attunement. She lives in Germany. PayPal is great. I thought it was a nice attunement. That's one of the nice things about Rún Valdr... I can actually feel some feedback during the attunement. I never could (and still can't) for Reiki attunements. I think she will enjoy Rún Valdr. The whole transaction happened through a third party as she (Petra) doesn't speak any English. The guy who e-mailed me will be translating the Rún Valdr material into German for her and send me copies, which is cool. I can put them up on my site. Rún Valdr goes interlingual!
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