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Saturday was very nice overall. We got up fairly early to go to a memorial service for the mother of one of our Grovemates. However, we got a late start and hit epic traffic conditions (including a train that after 5-10 minutes of going by decided to stop and go in reverse) we arrived late just as they were singing the final hymn and the minister gave the final blessing. But we spoke with our Grovemate and she was glad we made it. I just checked and yes, Mercury is in retrograde. July 22 to August 15.

After this, we ran over to my Mom's where we changed clothes and made ready to go visit the Huffaker's. These are the Mormon friends that I've known since I was 7 years old. My brother and I were best friends with Scott Huffaker, who was a couple months younger than us. We have been out of touch for at least ten years until last November when we finaly met up again. Anyway, Scott's parents were hosting a big church picnic and Liz and I, along with my brother and mother all went. I had a really nice time. I brought a big bag full of super soaker squirt guns, so you can imagine the wacky hijinks that ensued. Man that water was cold. I'm glad I brought my swim suit and several changes of shirts (with the Huffakers you have to plan ahead for these kinds of things).

The Huffakers live out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forest and have a fairly large pond where the kids can go swimming. They even have an old tire swing that can be used to swing out over the water. We had MapQuest, but still had to rely on Bob's GPS unit to get us there.

Scott is a doctor and was lucky enough to get yesterday off and he brought his 6 kids. His wife, Steph, took the two oldest to a wedding reception, so they missed most of the wackiness. The best part was that Scott's kids called me "Uncle Rod." His kids are very cute and take after their father, meaning they are very... what's a nice word... active. We had lots of fun with water balloons, water guns and running around. I even helped Scott's oldest boy, Ethan up on the roof and then handed him water balloons to throw down on people. My brother would make the balloons, I would throw them up and Ethan would hit people and the other side of the house.

I even got to swing on the tire and jump into the pond. That's fun. There were many snakes, frogs and toads caught that day.

Everyone was very nice and Liz and I had a good time. We didn't arrive until around midnight. Still the best part was being called "Uncle Rod."
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