uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Thoughts on the new Stargate season

Very interesting. Julian Sands is the new really bad guy. I almost didn't recognize him with the make up, but soon realized by his voice. Beau Bridges is the new CO and seems okay. Ben Browder and Claudia Black are good, although Ben seems to be playing the same character as in Farscape, but with a different name. Same behavior, same jokes, etc. Claudia's character is pretty fun. Very different from Farscape. Oh, yeah, Lou Gossett Jr. is on the show now. That's some pretty heavy star power.

Also, tomorrow, I'm going to play paintball. Should be fun. Nothing like running through woods shooting paint at people! Then it will be gaming with the Guys after that.

And I have a sinus headache. I don't like those. I'll be getting to bed early as I have to get up around 6am. Need to be at the paintball place by 8:30am and this means meeting up at a friend's at 8am. Add in showering, dressing, getting ready, etc.

Liz is going to Windsor, Ontario to go the Laser Eye Institute to see about getting her eyes worked on so she won't have to wear glasses anymore. The place in Windsor is the best as the doctor there is the one who trained all the others in North America. It's good to live near the border sometimes.
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