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Got up early for paintball. They were running late, so I could have left much later. Picked up my friend Kurt and met my brother at the paintball place. Had fun. My gun was working very nicely. The only problem was that lots of people on the other team were cheating. They were ignoring getting hit and then wiping the paint off and would keep playing. When you are hit, you leave the field. This was really annoying. But overall, we had a good time. Then I came home and showered and then went back over to Kurt's as we were going to be doing some gaming with the Guys. We normally meet at Kurt's place.

Kurt made ribs that were very delicious. He had mixed the spices for the rub weeks ago and let them get all mixed together, then he rubbed the ribs Friday night and marinated them overnight. Then they were steamed on the grill. MMMMM. Yummy.

We played lots of Magic: the Gathering and then D&D. I have a paladin character and we were going after giant fire ants (Yes they did attack us with fire) as part of a side quest. We have no proper cleric in the party and I'm the best healer among the group, and also the best fighter. I'm trying to become a Merseus, which is a Paladin prestige class that specializes in healing. Hopefully I can switch over soon. Anyway, we got the ants defeated, including the queen, who was a real bitch to kill (Think queen alien in the movie Aliens, but much bigger).

I slept in until 1:30pm today (Sunday) because I could. Liz's parents came over (Her dad wanted to discuss yard stuff). Later, I will clean the bathrooms. I might even shower today.
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