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Wedding Anniversary

Today was my sixth wedding anniversary. We got married Lughnasadh 1999, bu the then Arch Druid, Fox.

Today, we went out to eat at Max & Erma's and then went to the Oasis Hot Tub Gardens. We were going to get the Aleutian room, which looks like a cabin in Alaska, but the fireplace wasn't working right and it would have been rather hot, being covered. So we switched to the Rainforest room. This was very nice. It had a large waterfall and everything. The people were nice. There was a big changing room and shower and satellite radio for music. We even bought some spa safe nice smelling stuff to put in the hot tub. Spaberry flavored.

If people come visit for Lughnasadh, I highly recommend going to this place.

It's been a good day.
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