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It was a busy weekend. The Grove decided to have an overnight Lughnasadh Festival at our usual outdoor ritual site. Normally we have a day-long one at the local park. But it's a bit too public. Normally, we don't have a fire watch, but we had one this time, with workshops and everything. Liz and I got there late, almost 9:30pm or so. There were lots of people, including 6 new people. Apparently, we had missed about 6 other new people who had left already. This is huge for a fire watch. There was henna tattooing, and I gave a workshop, actually it was a guided meditation/journey thing. I took the participants (the 6 new people) down to the Nemeton and had them go visit our Tribal Father Lugh. The goal was to find out how He wanted to be honored the next day. I got that He wanted extra attention toward Ana, our River Goddess, and to pay attention to the role of foster parents in our lives (since Lughnasadh) is really funerary games and celebration for his foster mother Tailtiu who died) He wanted us to recognize and honor those people who are not blood related who have touched us and helped shaped us as people. Other people got "Remembrance" and "Dedication" and giving grain as an offering. We incorporated all of this into our offerings the next day.

Saturday was nice, more workshops including one on flowers. Did you know that orchid's name comes from the word for testicles? This has forever changed how I look at the flower. It has also expanded my vocabulary. "Hey, you got a big brass pair of orchids, man!" Someone said that you don't find blue orchids in nature, to which I replied, "Oh, yes you do!" (You know, the condition of blue balls that men get...nevermind) Anyway, we had a new member, whe was there with her mother (she's 15. The member, not the mother) I took the time to explain the ritual area and gave them a brief run-down of what we did. Not only to educate, but to make sure the mother know what we were about and that we were not random crazies.

The ritual went well. No one died and we got a good omen. Dagaz, Raidho and Wunjo. Liminality, one's path in life and Joy. I took this to mean that Lugh was watching us and was pleased with the path we were taking. We always try to find out what the Shining Ones want and incorporate that into what we do. We welcomed our newest member with our almost secret SLG initiation. As part of our return flow, besides the Lemonade of Life, we had a pinata. As Grove champion the year before, I got to whack at it. I'm proud to announce that it only took one hit, because I'm so cool.

I left late, taking the ritual stuff back home. Sunday was a little better. It was Guild Day, but no one showed until almost at the very end of the scheduled time. It was someone who had been wanting to get back involved with the Grove, but for some reason, timing never seems to work out. But she paid for a membership and we chatted for awhile.
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