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Summerlands - part two - The details

Friday. I left around 7:30am. Got there around 11:30am. Before I got out of the car, I called Liz to let her know that I had arrived okay. First person I met was healing_coyote, whom I had never met before, but recognized from her fantastic LJ icons. She looked at me and exclaimed, "I recognize you from your Live Journal Icon!" She is a great person and talented at the violin. She also tells really good ghost stories. Saw other people (ardgruntler, druidkirk, romandruid among others), and was made to feel very welcomed. I put up my tent next to a tent that I guessed was chronarchy (I was right). He was sharing it with singingwren and healing_coyote. Weekend weather in one sentence. Rained a lot Friday and Saturday, Sunday was sunny.

I hung around and explored a little bit. Eventually lots of other people arrived including people I already knew (chronarchy,singingwren, ceolnamara, mistw02, _crow365__ and smithing_chick) and new people that I had not met (jadewaterflame, perlgirlju, tanrinia, wishesofastar, duriyah, drubear and prophet_maid. I also met Aaron, but never learned his LJ name.). If I'm missing anyone, I apologize. Perhaps chronarchy would help my memory. All the new people I met were very cool and just, plain wonderful.

Oooh, I almost forgot. I got to play "We Approach The Sacred Grove," for ceolnamara and healing_coyote on the Irish tin whistle. I got a nod of approval. Yay! It's the only song I know for the tin whistle and I learned it from my Grove's web site where all our songs are in midi format with lyrics. It took a bit of a while to get the song from listening to the midi file, but I did it.

Anyway... I brought 2 loaves of corn bread, because I needed one for the potluck on Saturday and of course, I needed one for the impromptu, and unplanned potluck on Friday. The cornbread I brought is the best corn bread ever. Then came the Bardic thing. I went to get the folks of Three Cranes Grove, ADF to find them playing spin the bottle after their business meeting degenerated/evolved. I did get a nice, chaste kiss on the cheek from mistw02 who was feeling sympathetic to me not being able to play.

During the Bardic thing, I read my infamous "Little Green Frog" story. I had done this at Wellspring to a very good reception. I got just as much praise this time, as there were quite a few folks who had not heard the sad, sad, tale of woe. The next day, people told me of incredible amphibian stories that happened over night. Maybe I'll join the Bardic Guild. I should join the Artisan's Guild. Then I would be members of 5 Guilds. Then I can take them over and vote myself to the office of Guild Master...MWAHAAHAAA. Oh, wait. There is no Guild Master position any more... Never mind. Anyway... I auctioned off my copy of the story (autographed) at the auction on Saturday. romandruid bought it for $10.

After Bardic (and a great performance by Ian and Sue) I hung out at the drum circle. jadewaterflame hurt her ankle and I did Rún Valdr for her. She said the pain went away pretty quick. Since she has later reported that she pulled her Achilles tendon and broke her foot below the toes, I almost feel bad that I made her feel good enough to keep dancing. I should have know it was not just a twisted ankle when she reported bruising. I also did grounding for healing_coyote and I also worked on smithing_chick and I remember helping with someone's hands (maybe healing_coyote). I seem to do a lot of healing for people at these Festivals and enjoy being able to help folks. Of course, being the Chief of the Healers Guild, I feel it's my responsibility to minister to hurt people. Didn't go to bed until 2:30am when the drummers went home. I had a nice time chatting with folks.

Saturday. I woke up at 8:30 and would have gone back to sleep but my bladder had other plans. It was such a long walk to the mens restroom that I figured I had better get moving or I wouldn't make it. Then I tried to go back to sleep, but wasn't successful. I heard the tent next to me wake up and heard by name mentioned in the conversation. When I emerged from my tent in by robe to go shower, I was told that I snored very loudly and that healing_coyote had been ready to do violence upon me. Later I was vindicated at it was discovered that it was someother guy doing the loud snoring and not me. So - HA!

I also woke up with a sinus headache that would not go away, but stayed in the background making everything kind of icky. At the healing stones workshop, I programmed my crystal to help with my sinus. It actually helped a bit, but the headache still lingered and I had forgotten to pack ibuprofen, which really helps.

Anyway, I got showered and changed and then ate my breakfast watching the spinning (as in yarn) class. Then I went to the healing stones class and then I had a nice walk and chat with romandruid around the camp. I then had a nap and slept through the ADF Unity Rite. It was hot and damp and the humidity was very high. I didn't feel too good.

I eventually got up and found friendly faces to hang around with. Dinner was nice and afterwards, I hung out with Three Cranes Grove as they had a Liturgical meeting. I took a small break to put my story up for auction before returning. The evening quickly degenerated into The Debauchery. I can say no more other than there was nakedness, lots of kissing on strange body parts and chains. Hurray for boobies! Then the women folk got all jingly up for the concert. I forbade jadewaterflame from dancing and I'm glad she complied. The concert was great. Even though they are a celtic music band they managed to play Voodoo by Godsmack. How cool is that? the concert and everyone dancing made me wish I wasn't so shy about dancing. The best part was that Karen from 6th Night Grove (the Festival's host) found someone kind enough to give me an 800mg tablet of ibruprofen. Mana from the Heavens. It was just what I needed to lick my pervasive sinus headache.

After the concert, ceolnamara ended up playing with a couple of the band members. I'm always amazed at her ability to do this. Soon healing_coyote joined and we were treated to more wonderful celtic music. I was further amazed by their talent. A lot of the women folk went up to the drumming circle for dancing. I was told by singingwren that it was lame. So a bunch of us adjourned to smithing_chick for conversation, making a brief stop in the dining hall to get snakage. I already had a box of Cheez-its from home and I snagged a nice peach.

We had fun, telling ghost stories and other supernatural encounters. I didn't get to bed until 4am or 4:30am. I was really tired. I was fine until around 3:30am, then I got really pooped.

Sunday I woke up around 9am, again with a full bladder. I think that one's bladder must shrink as they get older. Anyway, I managed to sleep a bit after this. I eventually got up and bade good bye to everyone. Lots of hugs, and re-hugs and re-re-hugs. I finally got the tent taken down and put away. Much thanks to chronarchy for helping get out some stuck tent stakes that were really deep into the ground and didn't want to go home. I think I was the last to go. I tried calling Liz to tell her I was on my way home, but couldn't get a signal. I tried a little while later and left a message on the machine. I got something to eat and made it home in a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes, which is really good. Kissed my wife, got unpacked, petted kitties, and told Liz of my adventures. She had made soup, so I had some of that. Very good. Now I'm writing this. It's taken me a long time, mostly because of all the lj users to include.

I had a great time! Everyone was very friendly and nice. And I have lots of new LJ friends. I begin to see now how chronarchy has 180 friends. I am, however, very proud to have met all but three of my live journal friends. And I really hope to get to meet the unmet soon.
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