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Back home from up north

I went up north with some friends and by brother for Labor Day weekend. My friend Mike's family has a cottage in Glen Arbor, MI, which is just west of Traverse City. It was me, my brother, Bob, our friend Kurt and of course, our friend, Mike. We played lots of D&D, Magic: the Gathering and hung out. We climbed Sleeping Bear Dunes and my brother and I made it all the way to Lake Michigan. It was almost 2 miles up and down steep hills of sand. I hurt my feet. Did I mention the steep hills of sand?

Anyway, I had fun and my paladin character gained a level. And used a pair of cursed swords that changed his gender, among other things. The curse was removed, but not the gender change. He really likes women, so I'm sure he will have fun "exploring" all the possibilities. As a side note: As a man, I have often wondered what it would be like to have the body of a woman, temporarily, of course. It would give a unique perspective on how the other side lives. Conversely, I think it would be educational for a woman to temporarily have a man's body for the same reason. I think there are many things that each gender takes for granted that the other has no knowledge of. Ranging from walking around with boobs, menstral cycles to peeing standing up and random hard-ons.

It was a good bonding weekend with friends. It is very pretty in the upper lower pennisula and the air has that wonderful clean crispness. I did realize something though. My friends are getting old. They were going to bed around 11pm every night and getting up at 6am and stuff. Seeing as there was not much else to do, I was going to bed around midnight. We would then walk about a mile into town to have breakfast and then walk back. It's the morning ritual.

The weather was perfect. It was a very restful weekend. Well... except the steep hills of sand part. And I learned that if you are going to go canoeing and drinking, try to get back by nightfall. There was a group of drunk, exhausted, and cold people from India who were desperate for help and just wanted to get out of the river. At 9:30pm, about a mile from the canoe rental place (which was closed). Mike's brother (who was also up there) had to drive them to where they were staying. We learned the next day that they had left at 5pm and seemed to have no clue that rivers had currents. Tourists.

I'm glad to be back.
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