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I've been discussing the topic of paladins a lot on the ADF Warriors Guild list. Of late, I've become very fond of paladins, playing them in D&D and other roleplaying games and I even scored as a paladin in a D&D LJ meme thingy a while back. I have fun playing the part in the games. Going out in front to take the brunt of damage, healing my companions, defending them, etc. Having our characters get into philisophical arguments. Chaotic Good character: Rules gets in the way of the highest good. They merely hamper people. Lawful Good character: Chaos is not efficient. Law and rules bring order and allows everyone a guide on how to be the greatest good. Structure is good. Chaotic Good character: No, too much structure chokes off the natural inclination for good. Etc.

I put forth, on the Warriors list, that this paladin model that might be good for warrior spirituality in the Guild. There has been some initial, "But paladins are christian... blah, blah, blah," kind of talk. I don't think most really got what I was trying to get at. I like playing paladins in D&D because they are warriors, but are close to their Deities, enough so that they get special abilities (healing, being tougher, etc). It is the concept of being filled with the might of one's God that appeals to me. I think this really started from attending Red Oak Grove's rituals where they channel the Deity of Occasion. I remember Bard Daffyd's words that there is nothing so great as to feel the power and utter confidence of a God fill you during channeling. That's the kind of connection I'm looking for, I think. I feel a bit of this with Ana, our River Goddess. Upon leaving the watershed and entering it again, I can feel Her departure and return within me. I am, in part, constantly bouyed by Her presence while I'm in the watershed.

So, to me, a paladin would be something of a very narrow and specific kind of channeler. A kind of channeling that would allow you to do extraordinary physical feats, probably for purposes of combat.

I haven't even touched on the aspect of paladins as leaders, boosting the morale of their companions, inspiring them to greatness. In reality, this can be as simple as giving someone a hug, or it can be reverse peer pressure (it does work both ways, you know). Or it can be inspiring a group of people to help free someone trapped under a bus.

This paladin obsession is also why I've been using Rún Valdr to gain more direct access to my Deities. For all those who have had Rún Valdr attunements, I would ask that you all go talk to your Deities and ask for a symbol that represents Their presence, and then start using it on a regular basis. Then tell me the results of your efforts. Use it on your food, during meditations, whenever. I've had some good experiences so far. And being able to feel Their presence very strongly feels wonderful. I'm also thinking that if one were to practice this consistently, then Their much greater might would rub off on you, changing you. Kind of like leaving a piece of steel on a magnet. After awhile it becomes magnetic as well. The symbol should be individual to you for your use alone. For example, my symbol from Freya would look different from your symbol from Freya. My Grove has been toying with the idea of doing channeling ourselves and I'm thinking these symbols would be helpful towards that end.

You now know the direction I've been talking Rún Valdr in for my own uses. That's the cool thing about developing your own system. You don't feel bad about tweaking it for your own personal uses and/or gains. Instead of trying to learn the damn system, you are pushing the envelope with it.

So, yeah... paladins.
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