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The LJ Interest meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. atlantis:
    I've always been fascinated with the story of Atlantis. Especially the advanced technology. The idea that there have been advanced civilizations on earth before ours intrigues me to no end. A part of me wants to recapture the power and majesty of Atlantis. Still reserving judgement as to whether or not it existed.
  2. drawing:
    I've always loved drawing and have been doing it as long as I can remember. I will admit to having a decent amount of talent in art (but not in sculpture) I should have gone into graphic arts instead of Natural Resources. I would have been happier being able to create stuff. That's when I'm most happy. Well aside from sex... But still... being creative is such a joy. I need to make time to do this more.
  3. foamy:
    Foamy the Squirrel is from Ill Will's Press (http://illwillpress.com/) He is a hilarious, foul mouthed, cartoon squirrel. If you haven't seen these toons, you are missing a great deal.
    Remember, Foamy is your Lord and Master.

  4. halo:
    I like first person shooter games and I really like Halo. It is so much more than my other favorite first person shooter game: Marathon. Halo is by the same company. The story line is engaging, the artwork is fantastic and the multi-player game is very fun.
  5. lotr:
    Lord of the Rings. I read this in middle school and was severely influenced by it. I wanted to be an elf so bad I could taste it. That was the real reason I let my hair grow very long. Tolkein's elves are not just pretty and magical. They have a grace to them that is appealing. It's a great story.
  6. ninjitsu:
    I'm taking ninjitsu classes so I can become a ninja. How cool is that. Eventually I will get my first degree black belt and then the tests will get a little bit easier. After taking ninjitsu, I feel much more confident in my fighting abilities than I did before, even though I had a black belt in Tang Soo Do. And there is still so very much to learn. I could potentially get to tenth degree in 9 different schools. In most other martial arts, degrees above third or fourth tend to be honorary and you get them for running tournaments and opening schools. Not in Bujinkan Taijitsu. You have to work for each rank. Did I mention it's really cool?
  7. paganism:
    I've been a pagan for a very long time. Even as I was growing up Mormon, there was always that pagan part of me that wouldn't go away. I finally succumbed after college, first as a Wiccan, then an ADF druid. I like ADF and after I joined I left Wicca and never looked back since. Still, I think breaking my leg was the real catalyst for leaving Christianity. It was a bad break and I guess I felt abandoned. I tried atheism, but I couldn't believe in nothing. So I tried Taoism, but that was too impersonal. I tried Ceremonial Magick, but I eventually realized that the God of the Jews had nothing for me as I was not Jewish. That led to Paganism. From there I developed a relationship with Brigit, got involved with Reiki, then parted ways with Her. Then Odin came into my life and I've been happy. I've been more and more interested in the Norse Deities and religion as time goes on.
  8. red vs blue:
    This is an out growth of the game Halo. Some people at Red Vs Blue (http://rvb.roosterteeth.com/home.php) took some multi-player maps and started making a series out of it. The episodes are really funny and well worth watching. They are even out on DVD now.
  9. saint seiya:
    I've been interested in this old Japanese anime since just after college. A friend of mine got a bunch of anime from Japan and showed us Saint Seiya, which was all in Japanese. He had to tell us what was going on. But the story line was so compelling and the battles so cool that I was hooked.
  10. teleportation:
    Teleportation; the ultimate freedom. I've always wanted to be able to teleport. It's always on my top 5 wishes if I were ever granted three wishes. If I could teleport (and teleport other things as well) I would be so rich. From hauling freight around the world instantaneously to putting satellites into orbit to exploring other planets. I have a book on teleportation that is supposed to teach you how to teleport.

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