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Wednesday - Jumping into the Void — LiveJournal

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September 22nd, 2005

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12:16 am - Wednesday
After work I went running. I had another good run. On Monday when I went running, I noticed something disturbing. On the final part of my trail circuit, in a wooded area, I came upon the remains of a campfire. The area was left in a mess. There were beer cans (Pabst) all over, newspapers and magazines that they had used to start the fire. I was upset that someone would be that disrespectful to a natural area. So today when I went running, I brought a trash bag with me. After my run, I picked up all the trash. I also found an opened bag of marshmallows, a box of Pop-Tarts, including 3 packages that were unopened, and two small unopened bags of Doritos. I got all the trash and took it home and put it in our trash can. I felt better then.

Ninja class was good.

I'm making my famous chili for a pot-luck thing we are having at work tomorrow. As I may have mentioned in the past, the key to the whole thing is a whole bottle of Harp Lager. Some people use Guiness, but with Harp, the final product doesn't taste like it has alcohol in it like Guiness does. But it does add a nice flavor. I think the spices are good as well, although it might be a tad too salty. We'll see tomorrow how it goes.
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Date:September 22nd, 2005 11:26 am (UTC)
Damn, who leaves out marshmallows?
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Date:September 23rd, 2005 02:05 am (UTC)
I don't know. Plus there were all those Pop-Tarts still in their little foil bags, unopened.

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