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I got my hair cut this evening. I ended up with a new person as the usual person I go to doesn't work on Tuesdays (the day it seems is most schedule friendly for haircuts) and the other person moved back to Idaho. I liked the new person, Sarah. She took the time to cut my hair properly and learn its mysteries. I have lots and lots of collicks. My hair is unruly. Those at Summerlands can attest to that. It's been at least three months since I last got my hair cut and my hair was doing some unusual things. I had a curl that stood out from my head to curl. I've tried to go with a middle part since the third grade and my hair still rebels. It looks like my hair wants to be a side part starting on the left and moving to the right. But on the right side my hair (if long enough) can do this abrupt, sharp curl to the left. WTF? And even though it's the same length, if you run your fingers through my hair from the back lower left upward, it feels like it's longer than if you go from the other side.

Still, my hair can be nice and soft and has some nice color in it. I used to be very, very blond when I was a young child, but it turned darker with puberty. I should scan a picture from when I was in first grade. I look adorable.

So, yay! A good haircut experience. There's something really nice about having someone run their fingers through your hair.

Then I came home, got the trash ready and then I did stuff. Yes, that's right. Stuff. And things.

You know what they say...
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