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I fixed the internet!

All weekend we have been having trouble with our internet. It would be very intermittent in a bad way. I called Comcast tech support and ended up having to plug the cable modem directly into my computer. This seemed to work for about 5 minutes. I could restart my computer and it would work for 5 minutes and then the internet connection would fail. So today I called tech support again and found out that one of the problems was the Comcast security manager software that I've been running. It is obsolete and is no longer being supported by Comcast. So I uninstalled that and got great internet connection while it was directly plugged into my computer.

But when I attached the router, it tanked. When I reattached it directly to my computer, it worked fine. Fast internet. So there was a problem with the router. The Comcast tech support guy (Greg) was very helpful and friendly and I was very happy with the service. So now to tackle the router. I ended up uploading new firmware for it, reset everything and suddenly, I had good internet service through the router. I then reset Liz's computer and now she has working, fast internet too. Yay! I feel very accomplished.

Now I can play Halo online again.
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