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Woke up, got showered and ready for my ninja class that I was teaching. Liz made me yummy oatmeal. After my class there was to be extra training in the park near my house. A guest blackbelt from Battle Creek, MI was coming into town to play so we would be able to get some good training in.

It turns out that it was too cold, so the extra training was to take place right after my class. I had a good time and learned lots. Some of which I can apply to future Circle Challenges I might be involved in.

I watched "National Treasure" with Liz. I really liked it. It was much better than I had thought it would be.

Liz made very tasty speghetti (i'm probably mispelling that) for dinner. It was quite delicious. We also had salad.

I get to sleep in on Sunday!
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