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Weekend and stuff

Last week was truly hellish at work. Everything went wrong. My keys have not yet arrived from Minneapolis. I'll have to call there on Monday to see if there's a problem.

I did get my Magic: the Gathering cards in the mail that I ordered, which was nice.

Gamed with the Guys on Saturday.

Didn't do a whole lot on Sunday. I was kind of sinusy anyway. Didn't even shower.

I had a nice visit with some of my Gods this evening. I visited a couple of the Grove's Deities to get symbols for Them. I'm really enjoying having symbols for my Gods that I can use to be instantly in Their presence. It's soothing and uplifting and just plain comforting to be able to be so close to Them and to feel the Divine so directly. I've noticed some benefits already, besides from being closer to my Deities. I still have to repeat myself and ask all those who have Rún Valdr attunements to seek out symbols from your Gods as well and to use them often. It's well worth it.

I think I'll go to bed soon.

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