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Liz and I went to Westminster, MD for the weekend and got back Sunday at 10pm.

On Friday after driving all day, we had dinner with acousticdream which was great. We ate at a mexican restaurant. I had the burrito combo. Very yummy. We had a chance to talk and catch up on things.

After that, Liz and I met up with satikat and got situated at her place, which was very nice. We got our own room! We hung out for awhile and then went to bed. We also met Val, satikat's roommate. She's a nice person.

The next day, we went to a liqueor store to get booze. I got a bottle of scotch to use as an offering for SLG's Samhain ritual. For not drinking any alcohol, I've learned quite a bit about whiskey and mead. There was more hanging out and then sparkliedragon showed up with more food a smoke machine and cute shorter hair. That was cool. We got ready for the party. Finally, squirejoe showed up with delicious chicken wings. sunflwgal showed up later with her husband. It was very nice to meet them, finally, as they are friends with practically everyone on my friends list.

There was food, watching of movies and throwing around these weird rubber stringy things. Oh, I had a sword. I had a really great time.

Sunday was basically packing, farewell hugs and then long hours of driving. I had a bad sinus headache, so Liz drove the first have of the return trip.

It's good to be back, although I wish we could have stayed longer.
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