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Rosa Parks

I met Rosa Parks in 1986 while I was in high school. I had come third place in an art contest. It really was for African American students, but my teacher (who was black) entered it anyway. One of the perks was that the winners got to meet Rosa Parks. My mom, who is so very liberal and literally is color blind as far as people go, was absolutely thrilled at the chance to meet Rosa Parks.

So there I was, the token white kid standing on a stage somewhere in Detroit (you all knew I grew up in Detroit, right?) meeting Rosa Parks, this huge person of legend. She was a sweet little old lady. It was my only real brush with fame and it meant a lot to me. Not only because she was famous, but because I knew and understood why she was famous.

And so I give tribute to Rosa Parks, who quietly started the civil rights movement. May the Gods guide you into you new life.
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