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Saturday at U-Con

I went to U-Con today at the U of Michigan Union. I have to say that it's nicer than the MSU Union. Anyway, it's a gaming convention and I went to play the Magic: the Gathering Sealed Deck Tournament using the newest set, "Ravnica." We each got a tournament deck (75 cards, including lands) and two booster packs (15 cards, no lands). The idea is that when they say go, you have 45 minutes to make a 40 card deck from the cards you were given. Depending on what cards you get, this can be good, bad, or just so so. They made us turn in all our basic lands and then get what we needed after we made our decks. For those who don't know, you use land to pay for the other cards. It was fascinating going up for my lands and seeing which lands were being used more than the others. It allowed you to gain an understanding of what kinds of decks people were putting together.

I was able to make 2, 40 card decks, but only used one as it had cheaper cards. I judged both decks to be rather good and I agonized over which one to use. I went with the cheaper one.

I ended up facing a deck that would have been similar to the one I didn't use, which was interesting.

Overall, I came in 13th out of 21. There was 5 rounds where, in each, you play against an opponent for three matches. Out of the 5 rounds, I won one and got draws in four. This means that I didn't lose at all, but it wasn't as good as if I had won all five of the rounds. I got the draws from losing a match, winning a match and then running out of time during the third. We only had 50 minutes to play the three matches. I don't know if it was because my deck was so good that it lasted so long, or it was bad that it couldn't finish off opponents quicker. Still, as I said, I didn't actually lose any of the rounds, which is nice.

Still, I was able to really annoy my oppenents with a few cards. One was a 3/3 creature that was very cheap. If you don't know what a 3/3 creature is, don't worry. Just know that this was really, really good and contributed to a match win. It was the envy of the other players. Another creature I had allowed me to interfere with my opponents ability to attack and defend. Another one let me make my creatures stronger and allowed me to win one match out right. Another creature allowed me to draw extra cards everytime I played a creature spell. Drawing cards wins games.

Yes, I'm a Magic: the Gathering nerd

The tournament lasted over 6 hours and I had fun, which is the important thing. You get to keep all the cards, so I'll have fun integrating them into other decks, and/or tweaking the decks I made at the tournament. I bought some other Magic cards in the merchant area. The tournament is a great test of one's deck building skills.

And in other news, I finished the "Big Featherless Biped" story, which is the follow up story to "Little Green Frogs." It is the same situation from the frogs point of view. After the tournament, I went downstairs where the restaurants are, got a Wendy's hamburger and worked on my story until it was finished. I find that I need to hand write out my stories and then only after they are done, type them into the computer. I've tried just using the computer, but it is always better doing it by hand. Anyway, the story is done. don't know if it's as funny as the "Little Green Frogs" story, but it is interesting and is another sad, tale of woe. I'll be debuting the story at Wellspring next year, so you will all want to make sure you go. I'll be counting on your support.
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