uberrod (uberrod) wrote,

Visiting Columbus

I would like to congratulate everyone on my friends list asociated with Ohio State over U of M's loss in the game between the two teams. As the result of this, Shining Lakes' Grove lost the bet with Three Cranes Grove and now must pay up.

So, we will be visiting Columbus as part of our annual Brideog. This is our annual raucous pilgrimage from house to house, as we bring the blessings of the Bríd Dolly into your homes. We also collect food to be donated, which we will leave with Mr. Dangler to donate for us. So, Rob Henderson, Senior Druid of Shining Lakes Grove, ADF, and at least myself will be traveling south to visit. Make yourselves ready!

Let Michael know if you want to participate. There are a few rules. You need to clean you place, as the Brid Dolly must be taken all over. Secondly, you will need to supply some canned goods for charity. We will be visiting most probably on Sunday, January 30th. Other than that, have a good time. It is traditional for us to present you with a Brid's Cross to hang above your door to protect your home against fires.
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