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Finally, my Wellspring post

Overall, I had a really good time. Got to see lots of folks I haven't seen in awhile.

Thursday. Liz (lisbet and I got up around 8am to get ready. Most of the car had been packed the night before, so it wasn't so bad. Still, we got off to a late start and headed to Toledo to meet moonstone1220. We were to ride together in her mom's minivan. We got there okay, despite a train got the minivan packed to the gills and hit the road. The trip was uneventful and soon we were at Brushwood. We camped with druidchick, her boyfriend ricgrywlf (at least I think that's her boyfriend's live journal name. We'll just assume it's so) and sparkliedragon. Joining us were Sharon and Sean. They may have live journal names, but I never go them.

We camped out in the field by the bathhouse, while the rest of ADF was squeezed up by the indoor bathrooms. We had a good site very close to the hot tub and showers. We set up our tents in a rough circle and then put up a canopy. Over this we put the Big Fucking Tarp (BFT) which covered half the tents. Liz and I had bought a 40' by 25' tarp at Wal-mart the night before. Smaller tarps were used to fill the gaps. It was quite cozy and cave-like. And dry.

It was good to have the tarps as it rained Thursday night and pretty much all day Friday. But we were dry.

Thursday was pretty much setting up and then hitting the hot tub. And saying hello to folks.

[Bad username: chronarchy,] showed up after dark with singingwren, but had to leave to help out a friend. I admit to being very intrigued when I asked whether it was a "help a friend move" or "help a friend move a body" kind of a scenario and he said it was the moving the body kind. But I didn't inquire further out of politeness. I did promise to keep an eye on singingwren while he was gone, which seemed to ease his mind.

I was happy to see musicnazi666 as she is a great person (even though she won't friend me back on live journal) and I had enjoyed hanging out with her at Desert Magic. Had an equally good time with her at Wellspring.

That's all to report about Thursday.

Friday. It rained most of the day, so we spent a great deal of the day in the hot tub. I did manage to go to the Warrior Guild meeting early in the morning. I also helped tanrinia and her husband put up their tent. That was fun. They are both great people.

The Warrior Guild meeting was fun. Hopefully singingwren will join. Best part? We have a flag! Now we can legally take over other countries! Dash cunning of us! We voted on some stuff, most pressing was Warrior fashion.

Isaac Bonewits, the founder of ADF was there this year and he had a discussion "An hour with the Founder" on Sunday where we all got to hear some of the very earliest history of the organization, which was neat. But he is such a hippy.

There was also a Clergy Confab. Actually there were two, one on Friday and one on Saturday. The Friday one was about the Initiate Program that Ian is trying to put together. It sounds kind of interesting, but at the same time there seems to be a lot of overlap with the Magician's Guild.

And there was lot's of hot tubbing.

That night was a good drinking night and Liz had a good amount to drink. There was much hanging out and general merriment.

In the evening, I read my Little Green Frogs story for the camp and attracted the attention of triskele. I was pleased to be able to spend a good amount of time chatting with her that weekend. To be honest, I was a little bit in awe of her as she did channeling work when she was with Red Oak Grove. I was pleased she was so approachable and friendly. A genuinely nice person. And she liked my Frog story.

Also, I woke to find a number of little rubber frogs about and on our tent. Hmmmm. Thank you sparkliedragon I still have a couple of them and they are on the table near my computer for all to see.

Also, prophet_maid showed up. It was great seeing her again. I met her last year at Summerlands. She's a really nice person.

Saturday. It was sunny the rest of the weekend which was nice, especially since Saturday is the Warrior Games. I competed in the Circle Challenge, archery, stone throw, hammer throw, stone and peg competitions. I placed in all events, mostly 3rd or fourth and won 3rd place over all. Didn't do as well in the Circle Challenge as I would have liked, but I did manage a very nice throw on ricgrywlf. However, we were too far from the edge of the circle for it to really amount to much, but I'm sure it looked cool. I tried to put rudimentary sights on the bows. It seemed to help a little bit, but I'm not sure if it did anything. There was supposed to be an axe throwing event, but the axes kept breaking.

More hot tubbing ensued. Then we got ready for the pot luck feast and bardic thing. The bardic thing was very managed this year as they had a set program they were running. romandruid did a wonderful and rousing version of "Fever." prophet_maid said it was one of her favorites and romandruid's version was even better that Celine Dion's. After this was supposed to be open mike and finally I got to go up and read my stories. I read Little Green Frogs first and then I read the promised, and much anticipated sequel, Big Featherless Bipeds. I was a big hit, everyone seemed to enjoy the stories and when I was done, everyone left. So much for open mike. It seemed that they were just there to hear the stories. This is gratifying. So afterwords I was talking with druidkirk and qorinda and a woman came up. She said she had been at Wellspring the year before and had really enjoyed Little Green Frogs and was really happy to hear Big Featherless Bipeds and was looking for the third story next year. I said, "Uhhh....what? There wasn't a third one planned. It was a both sides of the same coin kind of thing." Both druidkirk and qorinda thought a third story would be great, maybe a reconcilliation kind of theme. I'm still not convinced and think that the two stories are complete as is. Last year I had a pretty good idea of how to do a follow up and bounced ideas off of friends to good effect. But for a third story, I got nothing. I can't think of a workable way to make a reconciliation. Maybe a third menace that must be faced by both parties? But they have no way of communicating or relating except through their mutual hate.

But, to change the subject, my Grove had the best banner an all of ADF. A grovemate made a new banner and it is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to show it off next year. I probably made myself annoying going on and on about how great our banner was. But it is that great.

Oh, Saturday was the second Clergy Confab, which covered the ADF order of ritual. This was fun to go to and rather boisterous. As I told folks, "now I know what the Council of Trent was like." Isaac was disappointed that we had changed things around and asked if we had ever stopped to consider that he knew what he was doing before messing with it. He was really big on the whole group mind thing and the two powers thing. In my opinion this is not necessary for a religious rite. Who cares if we have group mind? Does it affect how we honor the Kindreds? Probably not. I just don't see the need for the meditation in ritual as they are not very energetic so there is not a strong need for grounding and centering. The unity chant is plenty good enough for the group mind thing. It creates a very big slow spot in the middle of ritual. But I digress. It was interesting having people from different Groves, as well as the Founder discuss each major point of ritual. I learned a lot, especially why everyone seems to make offerings to the Portals before opening. It is apparently part of the hallowing of them and establishing Sacred Center. I had not known that. I've urged my Grove to make some changes in how we do ritual based on what I learned at the Clergy Confab.

Sunday. Hung out some more, did more hot tubbing. There was shopping involved as well. Sunday was the big ritual day. Originally it was to install the statues of the Ancestors and the Land Spirits, but due to technical difficulties this was not possible, so a Unity Rite was done. It was an ok ritual.

Later that evening, I returned some tarps we had borrowed from grovemates and stayed to hang out with folks. Liz joined me after a time. We had fun hanging out.

Monday. This is the sad day, where we pack up and go home. We got everything packed and said our goodbyes. I think someone ended up with our two blue tarps. Anyway, after much hugs, we got on our way. It was a hot trip home, but we made it home safely.

I want to thank our campmates for helping to make it a great weekend. And for everyone else.
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