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Jumping into the Void

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  • rodcox09
My name is Rod, but I usually go by Rod.

I have many interests. I'm an artist mostly with pencil and acrylic paint. I do some writing as well. I have an article published comparing magic in role playing games with real world magical systems and I'm working on a novel and a role playing game.

Martial arts is a favorite past time and I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do. I'm currently working on another black belt in Taijitsu, which is part of the ninja tradition. It's a very exciting style. Plus I get to wear the cool ninja boots with the split toes. Very special. Yes, fear the dreaded ninja boots of doom! We also get to learn how to kill with grace and style.

I'm really into paintball and I've got a Spyder Imagine (green), It's an electronic paintball gun that can switch from semi-auto, to 3 round burst to full auto. I've upgraded with a J&J ceramic 14" barrel, a bandit bolt, a Richochet AK motorized hopper and a new spring. I run it on CO2 with a remote.

In more esoteric areas I love Runes and have been studying them for a long time. I'm a Reiki master and have developed a new Reiki-like energy system I call Rún Valdr (Rune Power/Authority) with the help of Odin and Freya. With Their guidance I was able to make a unique Reiki-like system that not only uses Runes, but also extra symbols as well. It is complete within itself and is totally independant of regular Reiki. For those that don't know, Reiki is an energy based healing system where you receive an attunement that allows you to channel a universal healing energy through you to heal people. Rún Valdr can also be used for magical work as well as healing and is especially good at making magical objects. I used to call it Runic Reiki, but it is actually more a Reiki-like way of using Runes than a Reiki system that happens to use Runes. I'm trying to distance my system from standard Reiki as they operate quite differently (other than not using your energy, using symbols and having an attunement) For more information go to my Rún Valdr page

As far as religion goes, I follow a Druid path and am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship. In ADF I am the Chief of the Magicans and Healers Guild. My Grove is Shining Lakes Grove, ADF and is in Ann Arbor, MI. My Deities are mostly Norse and that is where a lot of my interests lie.

I live in Ann Arbor with my wife, Liz lisbet, and cats, Angus and Emma. Ann Arbor is a very liberal sort of town, where you never have to fear of telling people you are Pagan. Ann Arbor's motto is: (and I kid you not) Six square miles surrounded by reality.

If I lived in a world devoid of little green frogs...

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